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Boy Scouts at Chigwell

Great session at Chigwell Row.

The boys beat their fear of heights and climbed the wall.

Whilst the other half where stacking crates.

Excellent team working learning about safety and building trust in each other.


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Boy Scout 6 May 2016

Our Boy Scout section learnt the basic skills of pitching tents and importantly, how to take down and pack tents away safely and securely!

They sat down to eat well deserved chocolate and marshmallow waffle cones by a roaring campfire after their hard work!

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Boy Scouts learn pioneering skills

Our Boy Scouts went back to learning the most original Scouting skill of all – knots, lashes and pioneering. Pioneering is the art of using ropes and woods joined by lashings and knots to create a structure. A useful skill to make camp gadgets such as washbasin holders as well as a useful survival skill to build bridges and towers!

After a hard evening’s work they deserved the pancakes cooked up by other Scouts!


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In the Spirit of the Ansar

Both Scout Troops learnt a valuable lesson about helping deal with an international crisis at a local level. They learned the importance of welcoming asylum seekers in need into their local communities – drawing parallels of how the refugees from Mecca were welcomed into Madinah by the Ansar. It was a moving and memorable session.







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