7th Goodmayes Scouts

providing a space for our youth to grow since 2006

7th Goodmayes was set up when individuals saw the need for an active youth group within the local Muslim community.

Scouts are do-ers…

… and give it a go-ers.

We question and listen and form wide open minds. We take deep breaths and speak up. We think on our feet. See the big picture. Ignore the butterflies and go for it.

We get back up and try again. We think about what’s next, and plan for it. We jump in, get muddy, give back and get set. 

We’re Scouts and everyone’s welcome here. All genders, races and backgrounds.

Our Core Values

The Scouting values are harmonious with Islamic values and they are the values that we try and instil within our youth:

• Integrity – Scouts are honest, trustworthy and loyal.

• Respect – Scouts have self-respect and are respectful of others.

• Care – Scouts support others and take care of the world in which we live.

• Belief – Scouts explore their faith, beliefs and attitudes.

• Cooperation – Scouts make a positive difference, cooperating with others and making friends.