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Jack Petchey Award for outstanding services to Scouting

7th Goodmayes Explorers, Muhammad Islam and Ayesha Karim were awarded the prestigious Jack Petchey Award for outstanding services to Scouting last night.  The Award Ceremony took place at Sir James Hawkey Hall and the selfless work of many Scouts and their Leaders was celebrated.  Muhammad and Ayesha spend much of their spare time volunteering at their Scout Group, helping run sessions for younger sections.


Boy Explorers Cycle across London

Our Boy Explorer Section added a new dimension to our traditional Sponsored Walk for Charity this year by cycling across London to various mosques.

What should have been a pleasant ride through London ended up with them caught in freezing conditions, cycling through hailstones and spending more time repairing punctures than Cycling!

However, true to Scouting principles – they were prepared for every occasion and the challenge only added to their sense of adventure!

MSF ‘GLOBAL ISLAM’ Camp, Birmingham, 2015

Our Boy Scout and Explorer Section attended the the MSF ‘Global Islam’ Camp on the weekend 1-4 May 2015. They had the chance to discover the beauty and variety of art, architecture, language and customs that Muslim countries have to offer and share in this once in a lifetime cultural exchange opportunity. Travel to the lands where Islam has been practiced for many generations and learn where cultural traditions developed. During the three day camp they had the chance to take part in workshops and Scouting activities and have fun and meet with Muslim Scouts from around the UK and Europe.


Alhamdulillah a wonderful and amazing experience.

Wasn’t easy for all due to weather conditions and cold but we all worked together and helped each other Ma Sha Allah

AlhamduIllah new friends made and we meet again next year In Sha Allah

An amazing set of children who In Sha Allah will become better Muslims from what we all learnt and experienced on this trip

JazakAllah Khaiyran to all for their efforts to help.

Fajr at Camp

Breakfast at Camp

Preparing for Maghrib

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Given to each participant to fill in.

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