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Tree Planting 2016

7th Goodmayes carried out its annual tree planting event at Gardens of Peace today. 420 trees donated by the Woodland Trust were planted with friends and helpers from the Group and others volunteering for the community. The Scouts involved worked towards their conservation badge whilst fulfilling an opportunity to take part in an important sunnah.

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Boy Explorers Cycle across London

Our Boy Explorer Section added a new dimension to our traditional Sponsored Walk for Charity this year by cycling across London to various mosques.

What should have been a pleasant ride through London ended up with them caught in freezing conditions, cycling through hailstones and spending more time repairing punctures than Cycling!

However, true to Scouting principles – they were prepared for every occasion and the challenge only added to their sense of adventure!



We at 7th Goodmayes decided that we wanted to raise some money for our scout group as we needed the money to pay for tents, and other essential equipment for all of the awesome things we get up to. That was when the exciting fundraising challenge, the 7th Goodmayes Multi-faith Sponsored Walk 2016 took place to coincide with our 10th anniversary as a scout group.
We were to walk a whole 15 miles visiting different places of worship along the way. And that was indeed an exciting challenge! The meet up place was Gardens of Peace Cemetery and our ending point was Barking Mosque. And so the 7th Goodmayes scouts began their adventure!
The weather on the walk was all over the place. Our scouts had been battered by wind, and beaten down on by hailstones, there was even a little bit of sunshine and plenty of rain, but as the scout motto is Be Prepared…….we were going to complete this walk no matter what the weather threw at us.
On the way, admittedly there were some moans and grumbles from scouts insisting that they were exhausted. I myself was not as tired as I thought I was going to be, and that was because of the excitement of the walk (the promise of chicken and chips at Barking Mosque certainly helped!) but as soon as we reached Valentines Park, our halfway point, the scouts were eager to play in the park -just goes to show how energetic 7th Goodmayes can be when they want to!
After we had lunch at Valentines Park, the scouts were joined by cubs and beavers as we continued to pass all the mosques, churches and a synagogue posing for photos where possible.
Certainly the scouts fought and battled the odds, and no matter what came their way they were brave and adventurous and completed the sponsored walk. When the final destination was in sight there were cheers from the scouts and whoops of joy. After such a long way the scouts were finally going to be rewarded for their valiant efforts.
The scouts feasted without hesitation and after that there was a closing ceremony. The scouts were congratulated for their achievements and presented with certificates and presents. The scout leaders were also congratulated for leading the walk with the sections. 7th Goodmayes are so lucky to have such committed scout leaders. The leaders put their time and effort into events like this, so we all said a big thank you!


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