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Important Information regarding our Waiting List


Please Note: The waiting list for Beavers and Explorers Section is only open. The waiting list for all other sections is still closed.



The 7th Goodmayes Waiting List is now open for BEAVERS Section only (children aged between 6 to 8 years).  We accept children on this waiting list once they reach the age of 4.5 years until the age of 6 years.  Any application made for a child who is not between 4.5 – 6 years at the age of applying will be rejected without further notification to the applicant.

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The Explorer Unit operates between the ages of 14-18 child, so the youngest age we can accept onto the waiting list is 13 years. To register your child, please complete the form below:

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Why we have closed the waiting list for other sections

As you may be aware, 7th Goodmayes is the largest Muslim Scout Group in our Greater London North East.  Since its inception, over a decade ago, our waiting list has remained open to all applicants regardless of where they live.

However, our waiting list has now grown to over 500 applicants and with approximately 15-20 new applications every week, it has become an increasingly difficult task to manage the waiting list in accordance with the need of our Group.  Our volunteers spent a lot of time acknowledging receipt of applications and ensuring that those on the list are constantly moved to the appropriate sections according to their age.  This is both time consuming for us and often counterproductive for parents who may be relying on a place at 7th Goodmayes even though it is unlikely that their child will be offered a place over the next few years.

In addition, in recent years, there has been a growth in the number of Muslim Scout Groups in the District as well as the opportunity for you to consider places in other Scout Groups that may be more local to you.  Please note that ALL scouts leaders and groups are able to accommodate particular needs of Muslim children and to provide brilliant opportunities for them to get stuck into lots of activities and experiences!   If you require information about Scout Groups operating in your area, please contact The Scout Association on 020 8433 7100 or

In light of the above, we have taken the decision to close our Waiting List for the year 2018, EXCEPT for sections listed above.   If other sections have places available, we will open up the waiting list for THOSE SECTIONS ONLY – this will be advertised on the website.