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Cub Survival Camp: March 2015

Cubs undertook an exciting Cubs Survival Camp in the cold of February! Their endurance was tested to the limit and they had to sue their survival skills to the extreme as they battled an obstacle course, had mudbaths and ate worms….all survived to tell their tales!!!

Sponsored Walk 2015

On 28 March 2015, 7th Goodmayes Scouts undertook its annual Sponsored Walk to raise money for charity. This year they were joined by members of 8th Goodmayes and 1st Barking Scout Groups. An impressive 140 walkers from Beavers, Cubs, Scout and Explorer Sections braved cold and windy weather to walk either the traditional route of visiting all the mosques in Redbridge or a new route to visit main mosques in Central London. As a break from our usual tradition, this year our newly formed Explorer Section nominated a number of charities they would lilke the Group to raise funds for. Earlier in the year, they presented their chosen charities to our Beaver, Cub and Scout Sections demonstrating great research, presentation and persuading skills. Sections then voted to choose one international cause and one local – the final charities chosen were Human Appeal (Water Desalination Project) and Young Minds (UK).

The Group met for an early start at Gardens of Peace Cemetery, Hainault at 8.00am. Despite the cold weather, we had an almost full turnout with 20 Girl Scouts and 14 Boy Scouts attending plus 15 Explorers. They were joined by 4 children from the Cubs Section and dozens of parents, volunteers and Scout Leaders. After registration, a brief uniform check and lots of prayers, they set out to begin the 14 mile and 8 hour adventure. The aim is to visit the majority of mosques in Redbridge in one day. The first stop was South Woodford Mosque, followed by Redbridge Mosque where after 4 hours of almost continuous walking the Scouts took a break for lunch and prayers. Despite a combination of fatigue and blisters, they continued to the traditional half way point at Valentines Park Café where they met the rest of the Cub Pack and Beaver Colony who now begin their journey. With energies renewed by what has become the traditional serving of tea / biscuits with ice cream for the Scouts, the journey continues. Amazingly, at this brief stop, Boy Scouts (who had been walking since 8am) still managed to find a ball and have a quick game of football with incredible zeal and energy! The Group passed by many more mosques, including Seven Kings Mosque, Al-Ansar Foundation and Ilford Mosque and then finally to Al Madina Mosque in Barking.

In the meantime, our Explorer Sections were beginning a new journey of their own. They showed their independence by setting out on an alternative route which they had planned and navigated themselves. Their mission – to visit all the main Mosques in Central London – Girl Explorers by public transport and Boy Explorers by cycling. They also left at 8.00 am and visited many sites, including Central Mosque, Balham Mosque and East London Mosque. Explorer, Aaliyah Ismail told us, ‘it was really hard to plan and very challenging to complete our mission, but it was great fun!’ The Scouts showed great courage and determination, especially in the last few hours of the walk, where many were struggling with blisters and aching legs. All were determined to reach the end and the Troop showed great spirit and friendship as they motivated each other to keep going! Ayesha Karim, Girl Scout, commented, ‘the walk was so hard at times but it was always fun – it combined the best part of Scouting for me – having fun with my friends whilst doing something for others – what better way to spend a Saturday?’ All arrived back by 4.30pm – just in time to enjoy well deserved pizza, chips and kebab rolls and receive goody bags kindly donated by various donors. In total the Group raised an impressive £5000.


Tree Planting: March 2015

7th Goodmayes Scouts group were busy on Sunday 15th March 2015 planting trees as part of the Woodland Trust Woods Project. This year’s event took place at Hainault Forest Country Park where they planted 420 trees.

Braving the cold and rainy conditions, the children arrived in high spirits armed with wellies and spades. With hard work from everyone, from Beavers all the way up to Explorers, all the trees were planted in a few hours.

Whilst enjoying themselves, the children understood the importance of what they were doing. Hanifa Dhanji from the Cubs section said “We’re doing this so that animals can live in the trees we are planting and it provides them with food and shelter”. Zakir Rana, one of the Explorers said “It’s tough but good as we are contributing something good to the environment”.

Everyone had an amazing time and can’t wait for the opportunity again next year!


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